Jun 29

Free Copy of “The Quilt Life Magazine” from AQS

I am still astounded at the number of freebies AQS offers quilters.  If you haven’t been to their site to check it out, go there now!!

One of the latest cool offers is a free copy of “The Quilt Life Magazine” featuring Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  Who doesn’t love this pair of quilters?

If you’ve never seen a copy of the magazine, you should really check it out. I subscribe to the magazine, and am struck by how different this magazine is than the rest of the quilt magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I love  ALL quilt magazine. But his one tends to take a more thoughtful look at quilting.  Of course there are amazing and fabulous patterns in each addition too.

Here is a rundown of what else you’ll find:

  • Fascinating quilting artists and celebrities
  • New patterns and techniques
  • Lovely quilts
  • Entertaining, inspirational and educational experiences
  • Topped off with a poster-size presentation of a knock-out quilt, larger than in any other quilting magazine

The digital download can be found here. When you get to the page, simply enter your email address and information. The minute you press “Submit”, you will see the magazine in full color, displayed very well, easy to read in a great viewing experience. You just can’t get easier than that.

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