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Sep 17

How to Photograph Your Quilt

If you’re thinking  of entering the AQS Quilt Contest held during the Grand Rapids AQS Quilt Show, you’ll want to be sure to take great photos of your quilt. The photos you send will be what’s judged, so you’ll want them to be good. In this video, Charlie Lynch, staff photographer of the American Quilt …

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Jun 23

AQS Grand Rapids Logo is Here!!!

It really feels official now.  The AQS Grand Rapids logo has finally arrived! I’m so excited to be talking to the fine folks at AQS, who are really excited about the plans that are starting to take shape for the show.  With a little luck, I might be able to pursuade them to share developments …

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Apr 05

How AQS Got It’s Start

As I’m learning more about AQS coming to Grand Rapids in 2012, I have become very curious about the origins of this group. Let me share with you what I’ve learned.   AQS was started in 1983 by Meredith and Bill Schroeder. They had the idea that they wanted to give national recognition to quilters …

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Apr 05

AQS Lancaster Contest Winners

The American Quilters’ Magazine blog has a post announcing the winners of the Lancaster Quilt Contest. Best of show was awarded to Cindy Seitz-Krug of Bakersfield, California, for her quilt SIMPLY SANTA FE (photo above). Before starting the day’s tasks, this mother of two and owner of a commercial catfish farm gets up early and quilts from 5AM to …

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Apr 03

Join American Quilters Society

Knowing that AQS is coming to town August 2012, I decided to immediately rejoin AQS. I had been a member years ago, and I figure it’s time to rejoin. In checking out what membership entails, I thought I’d pass along what I learned. Let me say, I highly recommend you join. There’s all kinds of …

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Mar 16

American Quilters Society – Quilt Contest Grand Rapids

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