Taste Grand Rapids

When you come to Grand Rapids, you and your friends will want to check out some of the great restaurants very near the quilt show. There are cuisines to match every taste and budget. I’ve eaten at most of them and can tell you there is some good food just waiting for you to try.


Within walking distance you can find choices ranging from burgers at Bull’s Head Tavern, tapas at San Chez Bistro, fabulous seafood at Charley’s Crab House or authentic Italian dishes at Tre Cugini. Grand Rapids has 75 different restaurants in the downtown area, all ready to deliver delicious fare for the hungry quilter.


If you’re saving your dollars for fabric, you still have wonderful choices of dining on a budget. Enjoy Asian cuisine at Angel’s Thai Cafe’, favorites from familiar spots such as TGI Fridays and Subway, or a slice of delicious pizza from Big O’s Cafe, just to name a few spots.


As a local, if I were planning my itinerary for the day, I would start at Sundance Grill for breakfast and order a Morning Star Scramble. On my way back to Devos Center, I would stop at Biggby Coffee and grab a Mocha Carmel Latte. Then for lunch I would venture out for tapas at San Chez Bistro for authentic spanish tapas. For dinner I would take my friends with me to Leo’s for delicious seafood. Then after dinner, I would stop by the B.O.B., a wonderful old warehouse that has been turned into a multi-faceted entertainment venue, complete with a micro-brewery, night club, and best of all a comedy club.


This is only the tip of the iceberg for what downtown Grand Rapids has to offer you. You and your quilting friends have a wide variety of wonderful restaurants to choose from for all of your meals. You certainly won’t have to eat at the same place twice. All venues are eager to welcome quilters and ready to serve you delicious meals all week.


Bull’s Head Restaurant

Bull’s Head Tavern is the perfect place to meet for lunch or dinner during the quilt show, This restaurant is one block from the DeVos Center, and right across the street from the Amway Grand. If you’re looking for a really nice place to eat, that’s easy to get to, walk on over to the …

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Grand Rapids Restaurant Map

We know when you’re here at the show, you’re going to get hungry after looking at all of those lovely quilts and shopping at the vendors area. To help you find great restaurants downtown, Experience GR has provided us with a fantastic map of downtown restaurants.  The map also includes price ranges so you can …

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Grand Rapids Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Grand Rapids is in full swing during AQS! More than 30 downtown restaurants are offering creative three-course meals for just $25. Some are offering two complete meals for $25. It’s a great way to sample the fresh, farm-to-table cuisine that has made Grand Rapids a culinary destination. There are dozens of eateries within walking …

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The B.O.B.

Locals know The B.O.B. is a super fun place to go. There are a lot of different things happening all at once in this must-see destination. It’s perfect for a night of fun after the Quilt Show closes. And it’s really close by. If you’re looking for some good restaurants, a place for cocktails, music …

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