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The B.O.B.

Locals know The B.O.B. is a super fun place to go. There are a lot of different things happening all at once in this must-see destination. It’s perfect for a night of fun after the Quilt Show closes. And it’s really close by. If you’re looking for some good restaurants, a place for cocktails, music and even a comdy club, The B.O.B. has it all.

The B.O.B. (an acronym for Big Old Building) is located in downtown Grand Rapids. The 70,000-square-foot, four- story, red brick building was constructed in 1903 as Judson’s grocery warehouse. It stood vacant for decades before The Gilmore Collection began its transformation, saving it from demolition.

Its casual appeal, large size and historic charm have given The B.O.B. landmark / destination status in downtown Grand Rapids.

What’s inside The B.O.B…

Judsons Steakhouse
Gills Blue Crab Lounge
Monkey Bar Resto Lounge
Eve Lounge
Crush Nightclub
Dr. Grins Comedy Club
y Club

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